About Us

  1. Vision and Mission
    We (Ev & The BFT) are a couple of Kiwi lads from Christchurch who love the outdoors.
  2. Whether it be playing touch, basketball, tennis, biking or hiking, we feel blessed to be in one of the worlds best playgrounds to do these things.

  3. Every year we decided to traverse one of our countries great walks at the start of the year.
  4. It is an amazing way to bring in the new year and see more of this beautiful country.
  5. One of New Zealand’s biggest industries is tourism, and a lot of people come here for the hiking, but there are a lot of people who may not know of our amazing hikes.
  6. We wanted to give people a glimpse of our walks and give a first-hand account of what the tracks are like in an honest, authentic and somewhat unique review.
  7. Our History
    We both go way back having lived with each other in the notoriously scenic Queenstown and have known each other for over 14 years.
  8. Now due to life and what not, we both live in different cities, so in order to get some time to hang out, we started a tradition of hiking and the beginning of the new years.
  9. Giving us time to banter and enjoy the outdoors, all the things the boys love to do.
  10. The Mountain Goatz
    Ev currently lives in Queenstown but often travels each year to South East Asia to get away from the cold winter and craziness that the ski season brings.
  11. Having played lived in Queenstown and played sports effectively all his life, Ev particularly enjoys basketball, tennis, touch rugby, running, hiking & biking.
  12. Ev also runs an adventure running event over the Routeburn called the Routeburn Classic. If you love competition and adventure running be sure tocheck it out.

  13. The BFT also has a love for travel and the outdoors, having lived in Japan and traveled extensively around Asia and Europe.
  14. Now living in Christchurch, the BFT enjoys many of the same things as Ev such as touch rugby, MMA, basketball, rugby, hiking, and camping.

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